Squares table

Squares table שולחנון - שולחנות מעוצבים 26/26 40/40
In my studio I make from iron and wood
Handmade boutique tables.
Each table is made in a special technique,
From the planning stage to shoeing, welding,
Painting and coating - all with my own hands.
The tables consists of two parts:
Iron legs and a top surface made of wood, 
on it Original paintings and cold enamel coating.

Each table is unique and brings life,
color and joy to the space in which he is!

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Total price 670 ₪

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Shipping: ₪ 50
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Product spec
Sizes options in CM: 26/26 ; 33/33 ; 40/40 ; 50/50
Height options: 48 CM ; 62 CM
Iron legs
Painted wood top
Cold enamel coating


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